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At a loss and need advice on constant whining/crying....

I don't know where to start...My boyfriend of 2.5 years has a German Shepherd, who is 4 years old. I have never been around this type of dog before and so I find myself at a bit of a learning curve. Due to my boyfriends work schedule, we only get to see each other twice a week. So I don't get to be around the house often, around the dog very often. I have tried reading as many things as I can on these dogs but I can't seem to find anything that fits this dog so I figured I would try to post after reading lots here and see if I can get anyone's experience or suggestions. I am going to apologize now for the length, but I am just lost. First off in the last year, year and a half, the dog has been diagnosed with epilepsy. He is on medication twice daily/every 12 hours. He had about 8 within the first year. Secondly, it is his behavior, which I don't think are related to the seizures, cause he acted like this before. He is so hyperactive! He is taken on daily walks tho. When I get to the house, he has to be held onto, just so I can come in the door. He has so much energy! My boyfriend and I have to sneak in a hug and kiss when the dog isn't looking when I get there or else the dog tries to get between us, jumps on us or just whines. He always whines/cries! I always thought it was jealousy, that the dog didn't like me coming around. But my boyfriend assured me that this was not the case. He will send me little videos of the dog whining/crying even when I am not there. When he walks down the hall to get food, just laying in the living room, walking from room to room he cries. And at other times, he is really quiet, just lays there, on the floor or on the couch, on the other side of my boyfriend. I still think there is a little jealousy going on, when we sit close, the dog, will sometimes "worm" his way into my boyfriends lap or climb on my lap to get to my boyfriend, now he doesn't always do this but at least once or twice during the evening when I am there. Sometimes he will just stand and stare at us and whine/cry and bark, my boyfriend will get mad at him, call the dog over and other times he will just ignore him. Neither way seems to work to get him to stop. If he gets mad or calls the dog over, sometimes he just barks back at him, like he is "talking back". Granted, my boyfriend tells me that the dog does this when I am not there too. I just don't know what to do! I try to take a bone over most days to kinda help distract him. We try that Rescue Remedy for Dogs. That occasionally works but not all the time, I don't want to have to give him that all the time, when the dog should be able to just listen. Sometimes, I just move a seat away on the couch from my boyfriend, so the dog can sit there and there can be quiet. Which I know is not good, cause then the dog "wins" but sometimes I just can't take the whining. I have a black lab, who is as mellow and quiet as can be, so I am not use to this. We have tried a few times for the dogs to meet but the German Shepherd is so anxious when I take my dog over. Mine can't move in the house without his being all over him and in his space, not to mention his always whining. We are constantly having to call their names or go outside. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE dogs and it hurts because this dog gets to me and I feel like my being there is making the situation worse (yes, I have mentioned this to my boyfriend, but we don't know what to do). I have read that these dogs are pack dogs, they like one owner and are hard to accpet strangers but my boyfriend and I have been talking marriage so the dog would have to learn to accept me at some point but I have also read how friendly and family orriented they are, so I just read opposite things all the time. I know I'm all over the place but I just don't know what to do or if there is anything I can do. is offline  
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