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Couple of quick questions

So I live in Canada and its bloody cold out here (-31 Celsius with the wind sometimes worse)

And my puppy spends a good chunk of time outdoors (in a kennel that house walls and roof around it, with a totally insulated dog house, which has a heating pad made especially for large breed dogs that turns on when he lays on it)

So here are my questions, due to his time outside (When we're at work) he has developed a love for the cold weather (This morning it was -25 with wind etc feels like -32)

He's outside playing with his ball running around enjoying himself. When its a bit nicer I get out there and play with him, but I'm wondering is it a bad thing to have him playing by himself? Seems like a dumb question but I just got to thinking lately he's done alot of that (stupidly cold for me out there) and I'm thinking maybe too much alone time isn't as healthy? (Probably dumb question)

Second question, due to his love of the cold and thick coat, when we bring him in and its bed time he's very warm, and we can't keep our bedroom that cold so he's comfortable, so we have a box fan on him which keeps him content, we want him to sleep with us in our bedroom but I'm wondering is the box fan something that will lead to issues (Arthritis something else?) later down the road. (Again maybe a stupid question just got thinking ... is it okay to have the fan blowing on him, keeps him cool but at what cost?)

Okay enoiugh stupid questions from me!
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