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Supplementing RAW with Pumpkin (raw or otherwise)..

Hey I tried looking around the forum and the only references i can get through the search function is pumpkin with relation to diarrhoea/ runny stools.

My 3mo puppy hasnt really had diarrhoea and his stools have been awesome, only rarely it is soft.

Diet has been....
Breakfast: Milk with about 120 grams of lowest-quality kibble (pedigree). I switch between the puppy formula and the adult formula to get the best balance. /shrugs

Lunch: 3 scrambled eggs with 2 shells, although sometimes he shakes it off. On alternate weeks, he will get a whole raw frozen Glass Eye Squirrelfish (Heteropriacanthus cruentatus).. sometimes red tilapia or pirapitinga/ pacu . (Thats the best/ cheapest I can find here for thiaminase-free fish.)

Dinner: 2 chicken necks, inclusive of head, brain and beak. On alternate weeks, 2 chicken drumsticks. All raw and frozen.

Sometimes when I run out of kibbles, I substitute with 1 chicken neck for breakfast.

Anyways, this little monster is growing like a balloon, and I will be VERY happy to be able to include pumpkin for him so as to manage my future finances better.

From what I know, pumpkin is pretty healthy as far as humans are concerned and even contains a small amount of protein. It has quite a bit of vitamin A, and its seeds are good source of iron.

Does anyone here actually know if it were harmful if I added 1/3 of every meal into pumpkin as he grows up?

For e.g., instead of feeding him 3 chicken necks, I feed him 2 chicken necks + equivalent amount (in relation to 1 neck) in pumpkin.

And lets say its actually okay (pumpkin is hella cheap here, plus I love the taste as well haha), do I give him raw? With skin? With the "guts"? What about the seeds? Or do I have to boil everything?

Possible problems I can guess would be an eventual overload of vitamin A? Iron?

Also, he likes the pumpkin and as usual, his stool is okay I suppose, although Im no vet.


Like i said, its all really financial. The GSD owners here actually feed a very large portion of porridge to meat, even for adult dogs btw and... well, doesnt seem likes theres a problem heh.

I bet if I told them what I feed my GSD, they would probably think Im insane and am made of money.

Actually, these locals Im talking about are the local navy with their working attack dogs. Thats where I got my puppy from. :] is offline  
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