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Default Recommendations for Dog Training besides PetSmart in Southern California


I posted this here because I want more people to see it, and it is a fairly general thing, with millions of opinions I am sure.

Jaxon is nearly 5 months now. I want to start him very soon. He needs to be around other GSD as he is a singleton, and hasn't had a ton of dog socialization. Due to the immunizations he just started with other dogs, getting to go to PetSmart, etc.

We live in Calabasas/Agoura Hills, California. Our Jaxon is from a long line of Schutzhunds. I don't really have any interest in having him be a full fledged Schutzhund, unless it's something that just happens.

I do, however, want him to go to an obedience trainer that is good. It's such a crap shoot looking on the Internet. I would like him to do some agility stuff, but in general, I want him to learn general obedience from a trainer that specializes in training GSD.

Would love to have a recommendation or some ideas if that is even permitted here. I promise that I won't hold anyone to any suggestions. All will be considered and ultimately, I will make my own decisions.

Thanks! I love this site! So many people with GSD.
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