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Question about osteoarthritis and pain meds

Otro has been on Metacam or Meloxicam for about 4-5 months now for severe pain in his hips. For the last few months he has been on Meloxicam but it is no longer working as well. He is getting stiff again and having difficulty going up and down stairs and exhibiting other symptoms that he had before the meds. We are getting an appointment with our vet to figure out his meds.
I just wondered if anyone on here could give me any ideas of meds that might be perscribed when metacam/meloxicam no longer works?

Also just recently when Otro walks, I have noticed that his back feet actually cross over each other instead of landing side by side like his normal stride. Has anyone else seen this happen?
Thanks so much for any input you might have. I haven't posted on here for a very long time so in case it would make much difference Otro just turned 6 years old and was diagnosed with osteo earlier this year.
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