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Question Puppy behavior questions

My Ollie is getting ready to hit 5 months old(where did the time go?! Seems like yesterday he was a tiny little fuzzball)...

We've had some new behaviors popping up! He has started to occasionally big boy bark at other dogs, not all dogs just some - seems to mostly be dogs who are looking/staring at him. From what I can tell so far anyways, it just started happening.

I think the main issue is he was allowed to greet and play with too many other dogs growing up. When he was smaller it was next to impossible to go anywhere without being stopped, a lot of the times were people with other dogs. I take the blame for this, I should have not worried about hurting people's feelings and not stopped to sniff and greet.

My plan was to carry high value yums with me and when I see another dog coming, let him see it but then immediately distract him with food and praise until the dog passes by. Does this sound ok, should I not let him play with other dogs until we get this resolved? His training is coming along well, he is such a well behaved mellow boy... This and one other thing is where we're having issues ATM.

Also just out of curiosity... Ollie does NOT jump on me or strangers but he jumps all over my husband. My husband LOVES dogs but he is one of the types who treats them like people, not dogs... For example he's coddled my Chi/terrier mix every time she was afraid and now she's a neurotic mess, so much so that if her thunder shirt and calming supplements don't work I'm thinking about getting her on anxiety meds. Sometimes training husbands is harder then dogs.

I'll admit to something I know it completely and utterly silly... When Ollie jumps all over him and not me, I'll feel like he loves him more. Believe me I know it's a stupid and irrational emotion... Could him doing that mean he has less respect for the hubby?

Anyways sorry this got long, thank you for any input!

A picture of my lollipop for your time!

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