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Jessica - per my vet: dogs do not need alot of fat. I was always concerned about making sure Jax had enough fat but my vet told me to keep it on the lower side to avoid pancreatitis. Just for example, at training one night I went thru 2 hotdogs...common reward....the next day she had BW done at her yearly physical and her pancreatic level was 2000 over what it should be. My vet was pale when he came into the room...PALE...we went over everything in her diet and when I mentioned the hot dogs he let out a big breath. TWO hotdogs put her level thru the roof. He just saw a dog that was going to have to be euthanized because of pancreatitis so he was truly relieved when he figured out the problem.

Think about what they would eat in the wild...lean, grassfed, animals with little fat. I don't even feed pork that much because it's corn fed and very fatty. I stick to beef/venison/various poultry and once in a while I'll give some skin with her meals but mostly I throw it out.

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