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Default I need your opinions!

So I would like some opinions!

I have always concidered recall the MOST important command to teach a dog. My first GSD had amazing recall, never once not listened to her recall command. She was always used to a fully fenced backyard, and then I moved in with my mother to help her out but she does not have a fenced backyard although it is a very large one. Diesel did great like she always did, but the first and only time she decided not to listen to her recall it got her killed

I dont believe in chaining dogs unless its absolutely necessary. But after going through what I did with Diesel, watching her get hit by a truck and losing her like that and knowing how much trust and faith I had in her to listen to me, Im afraid it will happen again.

So now that I have gotten another GSD puppy and have (again) been focusing on recall as the number one command, I am scared. Should I make sure I tie her up in fear of a repeat of what happened to Diesel even though I dont want to do so OR should I let the matter go, focus on Penny and believe in her 100%? I also like taking my dogs everywhere with me, including to the beach and going camping and its no fun to have a dog constantly on the end of a leash, so should I focus on recall and just take her out on her leash to go "potty" and only allow her off leash at say the park, the beach, in the woods? Or would that even make a difference?

So what are your opinions?
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