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Beginning raw..

I have read a lot about raw here and elsewhere and have always been very interested but to be honest it just seemed too expensive to consider....however today I stopped in at a wholesale butcher a short while from me....

The boss was really pleased to see me, apparently they pay a lot for waste disposal so he was only too glad to give some of their waste to me.

He gave me a huge box of what he called chicken snot: they buy in whole prepared chickens and cut them down into portions and breast pieces etc, everything else gets binned

Really meaty pieces in there along with a small amount of organ meat that I guess wasn't cleaned out at the slaughter house.

It was all cut fresh this morning from human grade meat and he said I can have as much as I want. I took 15kg today to freeze at home.

So now I have the basis of a raw diet for duke, My chickens give me more eggs we can eat so I have plenty of these and I know another butcher that will give me red meat bones for free.

I am going to sit and read now and try and shape a raw diet for Duke - I am happy to spend what I will save on kibble on supplements or other foods if he needs them
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