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Is 9 Months too late?

She is 9 months old...about 70 lbs, big, big paws...ears still doing the matador thingy, however they stand briefly at times.....tried everything from taping to gluing...gelatin, chew things...marrow bones, you name it i tried it, and sometimes the ears seemed flatter after i tried something, so i was nervous that i made it worse.

I have been in touch with the breeder and she is basically telling me, luck of the draw, none of her pups ever had ear issues?....Saw her parents and pics of her siblings...everyone has perfectly formed standing ears?

GSD people tend to know what she is, but its the ones that ask if she is a PB that annoy me a little. I and trying to deal with it, and i have read some large pups take up to a year?...Im on information overload by reading and reading to where i think im just going to accept it, but if someone has some last ditch effort suggestion....Im all ears...

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