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Default Squirrels and Chipmunks OH MY

I miss Cyra. Cyra kept my critters at bay and the population of varmints has grown since she passed away. I always wondered why she was such an easy keeper.

While Beau and Grim are ball crazy it is like the peacable kingdome here. The things will frolick within a few feet of them. It is good for a working search dog and I am happy they don't hunt critters, but this is the first year the squirrels beat the Robins to all the holly berries - and what a spectacle it was when dozens of robins and waxwings decended on the hollies and stripped them in one day!

Any suggestions. I am almost thinking of a cat and having it inside during day, out at night. We live far enough from the road. I have had cats before. I know a cat can clear our fence though even though it is 6 feet. I thought squirrels were territorial and you would only get a few. No so in my yard.

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