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I seldom buy locally. I usually buy on-line whenever I can. UPS know my house well and even leaves cookies for Molly. One of the regular route driver owns a GSD.

I look for free shipping and search for online businesses that won't charge sales tax. In CA between our state, county and city taxes, we are almost 9%. So even if the price is the same as a local store, I save time and gas money, plus get a 9% discount.

Many local stores do not keep good inventory, so many times I've wanted something that was out of stock and the store will offer to order it on-line for me - no thanks.

My region is not business friendly, parking is difficult in the downtown areas and expensive, and there are many undesirable people that make walking around unpleasant. If I want a decent shopping experience I either must drive 30 minutes north to Los Gatos or 45 minutes south to Monterey or Carmel.
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