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Default how many of you try to buy locally?

I wanted to buy a new vacuum, specifically a Miele Kona, to me the holy grail of vacuums. I have wanted this vacuum for a long time (actually its predecessor the Callisto, the Kona is the new model for the Callisto). The local vacuum store carried it for full retail price ($899) plus sales tax ($45) for a total price of $944. I could order it from a vacuum shop in Chicago where I have previously purchased a vacuum seven years ago with free shipping and no tax, plus they had a 10% off sale, so the total would be $810. The local store manager refused to even discount it enough so it would be effectively tax-free. The price difference was nothing to sneeze at. Long story short, I bought it from a shop in Chicago and had it sent to me, so the local store again didn't get my business, they didn't even try to compete. On one hand I feel bad because it's a nice store and the manager lady is quite helpful, but on the other hand I'm a little annoyed they wont ever budge on price.

What do you think?
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