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What should I do? puppy agression?

Hi guys me again, so I am completely at a loss for words right now with Odin, with our family he's the perfect dog, calm, relaxed, and extremely loving, but with strangers he just pulls a complete 180, in the 10 months that we have had him, he has attacked 3 people, has never bitten anyone, but has jumped on them snarling and barking, WE HAVE gone through 3 obedience classes with him, but he is just so fearful of people he's never met before, always on guard, and never really fully paying attention, I am just so worried that one day he's going to cross the line and bite someone, and we would have to put him down, our breeder told us that if we did ever have problems with him she would gladly take him back, which now half my family is considering, I don't know what I should do, and what would be fair to Odin, the last behaviourist that came in here suggested that we put him on prozac to help calm him down,

What are your guy's thoughts?
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