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Vomit & Diarrhea

Hampton is almost 13 weeks. Great puppy. Been on Fromm large breed puppy since he was 9 weeks. No issues. Crate trained and excellent in the crate. He started whining after an hour in the crate (not like him), so I took him outside where he threw up what looked like a full meal. 10 minutes later, repeated. 5 minutes later, lots of yellow bile. 5 minutes later, foam. 5 minutes later, diarrhea. We are now sleeping in the den-- me on the couch, him on his bed next to me. I'm such a worrier that I'm making myself sick!!! Lol

He usually eats 3x day-- 6:15am, 12:00pm, 6:15/6:30pm. Today, I split up his last meal because I was hosting an Open House at school. I fed him half of the 6:30pm meal at 4:30pm and the second half at 7:50pm. He's had all shots and deworming. Only waiting on rabies vaccine coming up. Last fecal test was negative (on January 15).

Blogs say once in a blue moon like this is normal--- guess I'm looking for further stories to make me feel better since I can't sleep! Anyone do the withholding food for 24 hrs after vomiting deal? Should I?
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