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shivering and feeling hot

when I got home today from working out I noticed Brutus wasn't acting himself. He went to the bathroom and everything looked normal.. he normally eats 3-4 cups a day and he only ate 1. He isn't being playful and he didn't want his bone to chew on which is not normal for him. I noticed about 30 minutes ago he started shaking really bad like he has the chills. His nose is dry and when I touch his fur it feels hot and like he has been sweating a lot... he is refusing water and i try to feed him from my hand and he won't eat at all. I am making him some rice right now in hopes he will eat that. He was either by my side or in his kennel all day so he didn't eat anything that he wasn't supposed to. I am concerned because he this isn't like him to be this way. I should also mention we put flea medicine on him sunday afternoon. Could that be it? is there anything that I should look or watch out for over the next couple of hours? if it gets worse I plan to bring him to the emergency vet but I want to make sure that I try everything at home before I do that. Any advice helps .. I am becoming extremely worried.
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