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Originally Posted by JakodaCD OA View Post
I wouldn't say at 14 weeks he was being "vicious' about it..As you said, he was getting amped up, and probably didn't like ending the "game" , so he latched on..
Teething can also 'hurt'.

I probably would have scruffed him myself, I would also start teaching a good 'leave it', he puts his mouth on a human, work on him 'leaving it'..redirect.

I think you mentioned he's doing really well otherwise, so I wouldn't worry about this incident to much (even tho it sounds like your GF got nailed good, puppy teeth are brutal)

He's a cutie by the way
Yah, it scared us and we thought "Oh no, please don't carry thing to adulthood." But today we feel fine again.

Thank you all!!
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