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What I love about my GSD

Maybe it's the personality or the bond. I don't know but there is nothing on this earth like giving your big dog a hug when your sad and he wraps his head around your shoulders. Planting your face between those big mammoth ears or the mere touch of the velvety softness of their ears brings comfort. The zest and excitement of going for a walk or a car ride. The absolute joy of seeing and smelling the people he knows and loves. The warm body snuggled up to you while watching tv and knowing that this dog that loves me would protect me from the bad guys in this world. The unconditional love and wanting to obey my commands as hard as it can be for him sometimes because he's just so happy. That rolled over on his back, belly up smile showing the shiny white teeth. The fact that he is practically begging to be petted by people that are terrified of him, but doesn't push himself on them. This is why I love my dog, my German Shepard, my Mojo. This is also why I have spent a small fortune on toys that usually get thrown away with in a week.
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