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First off a change in diet is crucial...feeding a biologically appropriate diet (RAW) - LOW FAT (hardest to digest) carbohydrate free (sugars feed pathogens that may not have been detected and elevated eosiniphils (sp.?) may be as a result of this) SIBO comes to mind to...has he been tested for EPI?

A Natural B vitamin complex (not a B50 or B100 where all are the same mg.'s thes are synthetic) - look for a brand that contains B12 in "methylcobalamin" form NOT "cyano" - and a no flush niacin (b3), B3 is indicated to fight infectious pathogens - B12 and "B's" in general are depleted with diarrhea.

A good pancreatin digestive enzyme to help hydrolize the proteins for better absorption - to assist the body to help repair itself - takes some of the stress off the pancreas and liver as they don't have to work as hard.

Adding "raw organic cold pressed coconut oi" - also helps with pathogens and replaces fats required where fat digestion is compromised.

Herbal as mentioned - slippery elm bark - this is like an internal band-aide for the GI tract from mouth to rectum - this forms a mucosal barrier so pathogens cannot adhere to the lining causing scarring.

Probiotics to replace good bacteria and promote digestion

Colostrum - see links (re: auto-immune mediated)

for IBD, gastroenteritis of all kinds, hemorrhagic enteritis, colitis, non-specific diarrheas, absorption deficiencies, pancreatitis, constipation, obstipation, and food allergies. It has helped in all of these conditions and has no adverse side effects. It is not a panacea for these problems, but it is very effective in aiding the healing process necessary for resolving these conditions. I have noted that homeopathic cases of mine, that I felt were properly repertorized but had not responded, were now responding with the addition of colostrum.


Research has identified an ingredient called praline-rich polypeptide (PRP) as one of the main components of colostrum that is responsible for eliminating or improving the symptoms of allergies. It is also thought to be potentially useful for other autoimmune conditions. According to Staroscik et al, 1983 (Molecular Immunology, Vol. 20, No. 12, pp. 1277-1282), PRP has the same ability to regulate activity of the immune system as do hormones produced by the thymus gland. It can stimulate an under-active system into dealing with disease-causing organisms and it can also suppress an over-active system which results from autoimmune disorders and allergic reactions.
PRP’s ability to reduce allergic symptoms is thought to be partly due to inhibition of the lymphocyte (white blood cell) and T-cell overproduction that is normally associated with an allergic reaction. PRP may also assist in the creation of special cells (helper T-cells and suppressor T-cells) which suppress and switch off the immune response. Other studies have shown that PRP is highly anti-inflammatory, which helps to reduce the effects of the histamine that has been released.


Containing both broad spectrum and specific factors, Colostrum assists the body in combating bacterial, viral, fungal and allergenic marauders. Colostrum is the only food that augments the body with the immune factors needed to fight infection: Immunoglobulins, Leukocytes, Cytokines, Lactoferrin, Interferon and PRP. PRP (Polyproline-Rich Peptides) is the paramount legislator of the thymus gland, which is charged with producing cells to thwart viruses and antigens. PRP harmonizes the immune system, preventing the body from actually attacking itself, as is seen in diseases like MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Epstein-Barr, and Allergies.

Further - herb "Andrographis" is indicted for IBD

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