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Unhappy The worst part of life right now

Well I started a thread about a month ago about how I got moved to catalina Island for work.
I'm here, I've been here for about 3 weeks. I HATE IT!

I had my boy, Gunnar, with me. But the first day I had to leave him alone in the "apartment" He hated it and got out. I left the window cracked cuz it gets a little stuffy in there. Well he opened it and pushed the screen out and went wondering out. Animal control was there when I got "home" that afternoon. I was FREAKING out. Luckily he was ok and returned home about 20 mins after I got there. I have never felt so sick so quickly and so scared and worried.

Well about an hour later the landlord shows up at the door and says hes kicking me out. Mind you i've only been there 3 days. I say I'm taking Gunnar home and he wont be back with me. So he left me stay.

I am Miserable without my boy. Its hard enough being here alone and away from my BF. But now I cant even have my pup with me. It breaks my heart. and I feel so horrible putting him through all that.

Good news...I go home, to my real home, today and I get to see my baby after being away 5 days! I am so excited and cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Other then being in a tiny place I think he would love it here. we would walk around the whole 1 square mile town all evening long and play with a coworkers GSD. But now that wont happen.

Hopefully I get out of here soon. I miss my boys so much. And Gunnar gets so excited when I come home. its like he tries to jump into my arms! Only 7 more hours til I'm home sweet home!

Sorry for the long story. But thanks for listening!!!
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