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as I never heard of these.....

First link - pet breeder breeding homebred pets for more info, no pedigrees, no links to OFA certs with registered names.....nothing on the website to allow anyone with any knowledge to evaluate the "breeding program".......

Sniper (second link) is cited as "x-rayed" and having "excellent hips" - OFA does not certify until 2 - the dog has sired litters that are ready to go now or shortly, and he just turned 2 a few days flag IMO

Mixing up lines with no rhyme or reason, just selling pets...make a deposit with pricing....again - no real information or credentials that demonstrate anything about the temperament and stability of their breeding stock....

Sorry - there are sooo many people just making a business of having pups for the pet market....I don't know the prices on either of these...but IMO they are typical $500 puppies that you can buy in the Sunday paper classifieds....

You are better off buying from a breeder who strives to produce pups from parents with credentials that at least demonstrate trainability and that can do more that sniff curiously and run around like wild in a field....

If you are in Eastern PA, take a look at vom Silbersee.....


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