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Breeders in Pennsylvania

In about a year or two, my wife and I will be looking for new puppy. We have had GSD's in past but our breeder no longer breeds. I have found what seem to be great breeders on this site but they seem to be breeding dogs with very high working drives and I am not certain that that is the best fit for our family. Our puppy will be a pet/companion first and foremost. My wife will do obedience with the dog and perhaps some agility as well. Nothing competitive, just for fun and building a relationship with the dog. In my search, I found the two breeders below that are within 1 hour of my home. Before I contact them and go to meet their dogs, I just wanted to tap into the knowledge of the members here to see if there were any red flags or something specific that I should ask about with one or both of them. Thanks in advance for any input/suggestions.

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