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Talking Rex is HOME!

Today I got my little Border Collie puppy, Rex. He will be 8 weeks old tomorrow (it's 12:12 here, so it's officially Friday). He is absolutely amazing and I got him at 3:30 pm and so far there has been only 2 accidents! He finally has passed out on the bed, but am trying to figure out a schedule for him to take him to potty again, feeding, etc. Riley absolutely loves him and they have been playing a lot. The first meeting was pretty funny though. Rex was on the bed, sitting there.

Riley and Annabelle (Annabelle has become my brothers dog) were sniffing him. Rex stood up, and when he stood up Riley and Annabelle jumped. It was so funny! He is such a confident puppy already. Going up and down stairs, met 4 new dogs' without hesitation, explored my friends house and backyard, explored our front yard (taking him to the back tomorrow), and just trying out new things without hesitation. Nothing has scared him yet, besides my phone ringing and falling by him...Other than that he's fearless.

Tomorrow we are going to go to Pets Mart for some socialization with dogs' and people. Training also starts in a few days after he settles in more. He is so adorable and awesome!!
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