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Submissive Peeing

Ok I have 13 month old male german shepherd that pees everytime I call him. Let me start off by saying we have not hit or spanked him. He did this from the first day we brought him home. When I call him to come here, he does like an army crawl to me while peeing and when he gets to me he lays on his side, picks his leg up and pees some more. I know this is his way of "bowing down" to show me i'm superior, but he only does it inside the house. When we are outside he doens't pee. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Oh and he didn't used to do it with my wife and within the last week he has started to pee when she calls him. But I think its more excitement with her because he doesn't do the whole laying down thing. We got Titan when he was about 5 months old. Thank you for reading..
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