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Looking for a breeder in NC.


I've very interested in purchasing a male, german working shepherd puppy, dark sable/mask. I've been researching breeders recommended here and elsewhere but haven't had much luck...

For example, German Shephers von Flakenhein has a litter which is due any day. The sire, Jerry, is an incredible looking dog and is exactly the type of dog I'm looking for. Here's a link to the upcoming litter: Upcoming-Litters I've called and left two messages at the number provided and also emailed them through their "Contact us" link. I haven't heard back at all... which I'm really disappointed about.

I've called and left two messages for Labonte Canine Services which has an upcoming litter, but again, no replies...

Off topic, but the Labonte litter has an all black sire and dam. Is there a chance they could produce a dark sable?

These two breeders were highly recommended, their sites say they are available during the week, but neither have returned my calls.

Would anyone know of a reputable breeder, that has recently had a litter or an upcoming litter that might have a dark sable male?

This is my first time dealing with breeders in the area, but I'm not having much luck at all. And it's a little frustrating...

Thanks in advance for your time and help,

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