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Default rain rain go away!

No break last night and Beau thought I was crazy to stand in the house, throw the ball, go back in the house, wait until he returned, have him come in drop ball and repeat the process until he is a soaking wet muddy panting mess.

No breaks in the rain this morning either. Aaaaaargh. And Grim wants to chase balls but when it is wet he does not have the requisite traction (aging/back issues) so only goes out to potty.

REALLY looking forward to a week of sunshine! REALLY. I have given up on Beau-he is FILTHY. My floors are filthy but what is the point. There is too much mud to wash off without a full bath and too cold to make him stand outside with the garden hose. Can't do this multiple times a day either.

I know I am not the only one!

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