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Question Advice on foster puppy, 7 months old, zero training.

I work for a spay neuter clinic in the southern U.S. We deal with people every single day who are trying to "get rid" of their pets. Last week we neutered a 7 month old purebred GSD puppy. His owners seemed to be at the end of their rope with him. They had stuck him in the back yard and, I guess, expected him to grow in to a perfect dog with no training or socialization.

So yesterday morning I got a call from said owners, asking if I could help them find a home for their puppy ASAP as they had to get rid of him right away. Being a GSD lover, and afraid that the puppy would be handed off to some other inappropriate situation, I told her to bring him to the clinic. My BFF owns a licensed, non-profit rescue. She will adopt him out to an experienced, qualified home. I'm not worried about that part.

I am fostering the little (giant) guy for a few days or more, to kind of get him started on house-living and everything that goes along with it. He is EXTREME! This is the absolute worst puppy stage to try to find a home for. He's in full land shark mode, hyper, gigantic and has no leash manners. I have got my work cut out for me! I am, however, in LOVE with him. Sigh. It's not his fault that his owners were idiots. He means well, he gives kisses and when my two adult GSD's get too rough with him he runs and tries to fit his giant self into my lap.

All of the bite-inhibition, leash walking, manners should have been consistently taught along the way, but since they weren't I'm starting from scratch. So my question is: Any advice on quick ways to see progress so he can be adopted out?

Thanks in advance, and please pray that I don't add my name to the "foster failure" list!!!!

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