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Sound, Vehicle, and Swim Conditioning. When?

I was reading up on gsd puppies and training and really like the info from this site Articles / Puppiest 1st Night, 1st Year

I know the dogs discussed here are protection dogs, not what the breeders of my pup were shooting for but I still thought it would be good to conditiont her as well as possible so she is more confident and less likely to become scared. She is 8.5 weeks old and that site suggest conditioning the pups to startling sounds, vehicles, and water. However, it also says that at this age the pups are entering a fear period where "traumatic experiences have a profound effect. Keep the puppy in stable circumstances, and keep the puppy safe from trauma." Conditioning them to frightening but ultimately safe stimuli and keep the puppy in stable circumstances seems contradictory

I was wondering people who frequent this forum think that means when it comes to conditioning. I figure as long as she is only softly whining it is not too tramatic. I take my pup on car rides and she whines a little at first but eventually stops and then I reward her. I try not to comfort her while she's whining but sometimes she trys to crawl into my lap and I have to hold her back. Pretty much the same with putting her in the tub. I have not tried any additional noise conditioning, other than normal house appliances, yet. Just wondering you all thought.
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