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Stability in GSD Disappearing.

Several unrelated threads recently had me mulling over whether I would actually want another GSD.

I think probably not. I know a couple of places I could probably get a stable dog.

My problem though is why does one have to do months to years of research to find a decent GSD.

To me any breed should have a stable temperament, to where you don't have to worry about them constantly. I have seen personally, and read about too many neurotic GSDs.

People blame BYBs all the time but where do their dogs come from.

The problem IMO is within the larger GSD community.

Dogs bred to extremes for sport and show.

Most of them will wind up in homes and yes some will be bred by the dreaded BYB but the overall direction of the breed is not coming not from them.

They work with whatever is out there that is bred by the big sport and show crowds.

A stable GSD with good health and temperament is becoming increasingly hard to come by.

People on other threads have discussed the lack of temperament for SD dog work. That is pathetic. The GSD was the go to dog for the blind and other SD work for years. They are now becoming less and less the dog of choice.

Most pet owners buy a particular breed "because they like it".
If you like GSDs then buyer beware.

This forum has some dedicated breeders on it but in the real world I don't really like a lot of today's GSDs.

I'm aware that this is happening in other breeds and that too is pathetic.

Perhaps someone will start a new breed with sanity and stability as their main goal.
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