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The Ups and Downs of GSD Puppy

The name of my GSD is Dante. He is a male who is not neutered yet but will be within the next 14 days. He was born July 12th 2012 which makes him a few days over 6 months. I adopted him when he was 9 weeks. Our successes together far outweigh the negatives which are still there. The current and probably only problem right now is how he greets new people. If someone was to come over, Dante will start barking at them. I tell my guests not to make eye contact, talk to, or touch Dante. Unfortunately I will be lucky if 1 our of 10 people actually listen to my instructions. I always get people who think they are dog people and immediately start talking, trying to pet, and making direct eye contact with Dante. It makes me furious and drives Dante crazy. I'm close to posting a sign on my backdoor with clear instructions for guests. I do have one person who comes over every Tuesday and Thursday for my youngest daughter for speech therapy. She has been very cooperative. She has done exactly what I have asked and it takes very little to calm Dante down when she is in the house. So I guess my question is this. How do I teach my GSD not to growl and bark at people even though they are not following the rules? And is this just a phase? I can always kick people out of my house but if I am in public walking him and bump into someone I know and talk he will bark at them.
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