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11wks - Exposed to Possible Kennel Cough

We took our 11wk GSD male for his second set of shots and well-visit at the vet. He waited in the general area with people only (no animals there at that time). We learned after he greeted 2 of the waiting adults that 1 of their dogs has a form of Kennel Cough and the other person's dog had something that also required antibiotic treatment. These owners were there to pick up the dogs after their day of chest x-rays and observation. Now, I'm losing sleep that by licking the owner's hands and sitting on the public floor that he has picked up something. We had him get the Bordetella vaccine that day as a precaution, but that is a live virus and I'm worried will also make him ill due to his young age. The vet didn't seem concerned since the dogs didn't directly interact and it was just the owner's hands that were "washed" by my puppy's tongue. Am I being overly-paranoid about this situation? I'm now re-thinking the training classes he's due to start this weekend. Maybe he's too young to be with other dogs before all the vaccinations kick in? Any words of caution or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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