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New rescued GSD in our family

I am the proud new momma to a 2 yr old black GSD that we rescued through an awesome program. I am experienced with rescue dogs and with Australian Shepherds and Border Collies but this is my frist GSD. This gal has lot of potential in many areas....she was tested by Louisville Metro PD and was an outstanding candidate for their narcotics program. However she did have some fear of traffic so she was turned down until she could overcome that. She was rescued as a stray on the streets of Louisville so the fear of traffic had kept her alive. NOw that I have her I am seeing new behaviors that I have never seen like that total attachment...I thought my Aussie stuck to me like glue but this is a whole new level. She constantly wants to play and I allow her lots of play time, exercise but there are times throughout the day we just cant play. I put her in "timeout" aka the crate for about an hour a day to get her to just rest. I also provide a rawhide chew that usually occupies her for an hour or so. What other things might I do to help her "self entertain"?
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