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Need to breed Service Dogs

I am new to this and I am starting a charity (Sierra Service Dogs) to breed psychiatric service dogs for children and vets.

I, admittedly, have spent most of my free time researching the best way to set up a charity and fund it, buying the property and building the kennel, rather than which lines of dogs are best for working service dogs.

However, I am committed to using German Shepherds. I own 2 and mine will be the first trained by the new trainer I hired. I am looking for a breeder that will help me obtain a great female. Initially, we only plan to start with 1 breeding female as both of mine are fixed.

Any advice would be great. I know that I have a lot to digest before making any decisions, so the more I know, the better. Also, if demand isn't high enough for the charity, we would train any extra pups as Sierra Rescue Dogs for use as search and rescue dogs in Tahoe. Either way, the offspring would not be sold.

Thanks for listening.
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