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Teeth Cleaning - $500 worth?

So I took my 5yo male GSD in for the heartworm check and while there the vet tech also takes a look at his teeth.

He had had a formal cleaning a year ago from last Oct - where they put the dog under anasthesia and clean the teeth.

They had just looked at them again in Oct/Nov last year and said that theywere ok and didn't need the formal cleaning, like the that time but had a little tarter, etc. on his teeth

This time the tech spent a while after his HW check telling me that his front teetth were pretty good but had tarter and a little inflamation (gingivitis?) on his back teeth.

Then explained what they wanted to do this time. Put him under and do a thorough cleaning. In order to use general Anathesia they also said they had to do some blood work to check him (kidneys and stuff) which would cost extra in addition to the cleaning itself.

Total of all of it would be just about $500.

I am wondering if any of you have had your dogs teeth cleaned, and what it cost and is it needed? Pros and cons of the procedure.

They also said I can brush his teeth with special toothbrush and paste and that will help but it wouldn't fix the back teeth tarter and gingevitis that he already has.
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