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"Wolves driving us crazy"

We have tons of wildlife in our backyard, and for the most part Meagan (My Daughter's spelling) does really well with the coyotes, deer, and other small creatures. She will chase a snowshoe hare all over the yard, but wont bother the wild barn cats. Happy days, but this last week, they came into the area.

Wolves are in the area, and they are driving all the dogs and us owners crazy. I know they will move out soon, but the howling causes Meagan to go into a howling fit, and it's mostly late at night.

I just wanted to vent, since there is nothing I can do. Coyote howls and yips never bothered Meagan, but the wolf howl must awaken some long ago urge to howl to the moon. LOL

So please pray for this sleep deprive GSD owner.

Though I did put up my game trail camera in the back woods, so hopefully I can get a glimpse of those sleep deprive-rs.
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