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Originally Posted by Gharrissc View Post
Well since we are sharing,here's my weird thing. I don't like for anyone to watch me when I am sleeping. I can always tell if there are eyes on me and usually turn the opposite direction. This includes waking up to dogs /cats staring at you.My husband couldn't understand this when we first started dated,because he said that he likes to sleep face/face.I just can't deal with it because it feels like I am smothering.
LOL I've never had a problem with that specifically, but my boyfriend did scare the heck out of me the other night by doing that. I've been watching American Horror Story on Netflix and dozed off during one episode, and woke up hearing someone whispering...opened my eyes to see my boyfriend staring at me from about 2 feet away in the dark and just about had a heart attack! Of course he did that on purpose as revenge for me hiding a really realistic giant spider toy behind his shampoo bottle, knowing that he's afraid of spiders.

I can't stand having anyone breathe on me, dogs included. That's about the only thing that makes me kick them off the bed. Hector likes to sleep with his face near mine and I like it too except if he shifts so he's breathing on me, which wakes me up quickly. Drives me nuts!

You guys are making me feel better. I routinely elbow my poor BF to make him roll over, which only does so much good since he'll stay on his stomach breathing quietly for about 15-20 minutes before rolling back onto his back! He often goes to bed earlier than I do too (he has a military support job and has to be there at 5 AM half the time, while I either work from home or roll into work around 9 AM) and so on those nights I usually just sleep in the guest room or fall asleep on our super-comfortable couch. I don't think it interferes with our intimacy at all and he says he doesn't mind, which his actions back up, so I don't worry except when I have a friend who says it's totally weird, like happened today.

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