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I have not had him tested for allergies, but when he was quite young he was always very itchy. He was contantly biting, licking his genital area and back legs and constantly scratching around his neck. I called my vet to ask about an allergy test and he told me they are pretty expensive. He suggested trying to switch his food to a grain free food just to see if that helped, and if not I could choose to get the allergy testing. So, I had him on Blue Buffalo and switched him to Innova grain free salmon and herring formula. Within a week the itching almost stopped completely. The build up of bacteria he had the vet said was probably from switching the food, even though I switched it as suggested he said Stark could still react to it. Should I bring him to the vet to get a skin scraping to make sure hes got a yeast issue? Ive taken him to the vet so much already in his one year of life,... I just dont have the money to go to the vet once a month! I love him to death and I will spend whatever it takes for whatever he needs. But, I feel like the antibiotics didnt work, so I want to try some herbal/ natural things.
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