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Default Smelly paws and breath, constant licking...

Sorry, you guys are probably sick of me. I posted last night about Starks irritated paw, I notice today he started licking/biting the back paw. Im thinking its allergies, he is on a wheat free diet and I recently bought some el-cheapo treats and have been giving him a generous amount. And, they are not grain free. So, I think his body is reacting. I also had him on antibiotics a month or two ago for an overgrowth of bad bacteria in his insides (diagnosed with a stool sample). He seemed to get better with that, he had smelly breath and was just a little lethargic. Last week my BF noticed his breath is smelly again. Also, I was doing some reading and found out GSDs are very susceptible to yeast infections. Im thinking hes got a yeast problem with his feed due to his allergies. His feet are stinky! Before he had this irritation with his feet he had a hint of the frito smell to them which Ive heard on this forum before. Id like to hear from some members who use natural rememdies. I know that antibiotics can cause infections, if at all possible Id like to try to get him back on track with a natural remedy. Any advice on how to treat this and some maintenance tips for when we get this cleared up?
Thanks so much!
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