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Originally Posted by Jax08 View Post
I didn't see any judgements or inferences in this thread. I see the reality of what does happen. In any sport, there are "throw aways", or people that view them as such. That does not mean everyone in the sport views the animals as such but it does happen often enough to cause issues.
Where are "throw aways" coming from? I doubt that's what Sandra is getting at. Just because a dog is sold does *not* mean it's not a very nice dog, maybe even a top quality a dog. An acquaintance of mine sold a dog recently (dog was almost two, so this is a basically trained dog) and I would be surprised not to see it on the podium someday, but regardless of that the dog is a top dog in any venue of work or performance. A top German Shepherd dog. As far as taking away the value of a dog it seems that just selling a dog implies the dog has no value?

I don't see the reality, I know it, because I have sold a German Shepherd dog to a "sport home" and obtained a German Shepherd dog as an adult coming to me as the "sport home". I've lived both sides of the coin.

I know next to nothing about horses so all the analogies and anecdotes are going over my head.

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