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I think that there are too few Schutzhund people that are strictly doing it for the sport. Let's be serious, even if you don't want to be a breeder, you work a dog for years, trial the dog, pump thousands of dollars into the dog, sometimes its nice to know that at the end of the day you might breed said dog and recoup even a little bit of that investment...or get enough money to get another dog, or go to another trial, or just cover some other expense.

The Schutzhund clubs I've visited, do a lot of their own breedings. Breedings that end up going to club members for a price and are generally not advertised. These people aren't breeders, but they prove their dogs to the members around them, who then decide they want a pup from those dogs (its the same advice we give to most people that come on this forum and ask about a dog for Schutzhund).

So a female that is spayed...has no chance of making the person even a little bit of money back. And can tell me all you want that "its not about the money" but it usually is, and its nice to get a little something back from all that hard work.

By the way...did anyone read that article on Yahoo about the family suing the state of Texas for the sentimental value of their dog? It's gone all the way to the Texas Supreme Court and it will be a huge decision for many people. It would in theory make "mutts" with no breeding potential, more valuable than purebreds with breeding potential/amazing pedigrees. As of now you can collect for damage to is property, so you can collect how much that dog is worth in the open market (may be a lot depending on pedigree and training). But you can't collect on the sentimental value of the dog. If this lawsuit goes the way of the'd want to devalue your dog so that there is no actual market value to the dog and in that case you can collect on the sentimental value or the "pain and suffering" value of something happening to your dog (possibly even at the vet's office).

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