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New pup weather problems

So we finally got our pup Koda at 7 weeks on friday the 11th, he's sable and incredibly smart (at least it seems like it) he crate trained himself in the first 3 hours we got him and had almost no whining, he's really good at going to the bathroom outside, but i've also noticed in the last day or so he's gotten REALLY GOOD at holding it in, i set my alarm every 3 hours to take him out for the first day or so but he only goes maybe half the time. So i came up with this system after a potty break i let him run around the house let him chew up his stuffed chicken and chase a ball around, then he'd get really sleepy, crawl back into his crate and sleep. When he wakes up and leaves the crate that's when I take him out and he does his business. I only had him for 3 days, it worked for him the day before, yesterday he had a few accidents because he refused to go in the rain than last night i waited with him outside and he finally went *victory dance!* but today the temperature dropped pretty low and as soon as he goes out he shivers, he only needs to go about once every 3-5 hours. he slept through last night i took him out at 8 and he did fine, but after that it got really windy and cold and he had another accident at 1pm even though we just took him out 10min before that. He just wouldn't go and soon as he's outside he's whining and shivering like crazy, my partner gave in and took him back inside.

What do you guys do when this happens? Do you guys let them go on a pad indoors? he's only 7 weeks and his belly looks like it was shaved for his tattoo so he's missing some fur. I don't want to keep him out there until he goes I'm afraid he might get sick, since the grass is still soggy from all the rain last night.
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