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Originally Posted by Ribrustler View Post

It has been awhile since I have posted so I hope everybody and their fur children have been good!
Now to get to the question! We have just moved out of the city(finally) and our new house has 2 acres of fenced property and we also have an inground pool. It is winter time right now and there is a winter cover on the pool, but it is one of the cheaper winter covers that has slack in it like a tarp and you just put weight on the outsides to hold the cover in place. Needless to say Koko wants to run across the pool, play on the pool cover etc. Does anybody out there have any suggestions for pool safety? I am going to install a new winter cover next fall - the safety ones that stretch tight so humans or animals do not fall through, but I need to come up with a solution for the short term. I am mixed about teaching her to stay away from the pool completly because in the summer I would allow her to jump in while we are supervising. I am not very keen on shock collars or shock fences but am leaning that way. I do see that they sell fencing but it is extremely expensive and am looking for some ideas on a less costly method.

I would take the current cover off if there is a chance of Koko getting onto it. If she gets on it she may be in real trouble. When we had our pool put in we were told if we weren't going to use a safety cover then don't use anything because those are dangerous. If a person or animal gets on it they could get wrapped up and drown very easily. Our pup likes to run across the safety cover and it sinks just enough for her to have some water to play in. I can't wait until this summer to get her swimming!

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