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Recurring Staph Infections (non-GSD)

I'm trying to look for some additional information for my parents as their Golden Retriever/Lab/Something-or-other mix has recently started to get staph infections.

Unfortunately, while they love their dog...they don't always notice skin conditions on him. His fur is fairly long, and he runs away when they attempt to do much grooming with him. They typically have him taken to Petsmart for baths/grooming. I can't say I'm 100% pleased with their care of him, but all I can do is encourage them to take the necessary steps for his health and do my best to keep an eye out for these things when I'm over there.

About two months ago, I noticed that he had a nasty rash on his belly/groin area - the skin was "weeping" and it just looked awful. They took him to the vet and determined it was a staph infection, and hew as put on antibiotics and steroids. It got better, and he perked up.

Last week when I was over, I was petting him and noticed he had some spots along his back that if I itched, he'd start kicking his back foot. Looking closer, they were the same scabbed over circles that I saw on Baxter when he had his staph infection (though Baxter's were confined to his belly/groin). These were all along his back and spine. They called the vet back, and he was put onto 750mg of Cephalaxin twice a day, and they're supposed to keep an eye on him for the next two weeks.

He has had no changes to his environment, food, treats, etc. What would be some possible causes of these recurring infections? Or could it be that the first one was never fully taken care of? Any information would be appreciated. He may not be my dog, but I'd like to see him in good health!


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