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Default Anyone use deer fence/netting for dogs? Experiences/Comments?

I would like to fence my three acres of wooded, and hilly terrain. I have gotten a quote for invisible fence, but am just not sure about it. Makes me nervous. Obviously other dogs, coyotes , people, can enter and my dogs could get out if they were so inclined. I also like to have friends over with their dogs, and obviously invisible fence would not contain them. (Yes, my dogs like to play with others!)

Chain link and wrought iron are out of the budget, and probably would not work for this type of terrain. I found a company that sells deer fence/netting that says you can install yourself. You attach to trees and it blends in with the landscape due to the color (black.) It is marketed as resiliant and safe for dogs...I would be surpervising them when out in the area. And, one feature I really like is its seven feet tall!

Anyone use this product or one like it? I have included the link if anyone cares to look. Thanks guys!
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