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Crate trained but still pees in house..

So I've had Jack since thanksgiving and immediately started him on housebreaking with the crate. We have a steady schedule and it works pretty good. Couple of times he had an accident in the crate but that was our fault because he did whine but besides that he is good. So all this time gone by and we figured lets test him out a bit to see if he's actually housebroken. Unfortunately that's not the case. He pee'd on the kitchen floor lol. Didn't catch him in act because I was talking with my neighbor who was over the house and Jack don't lift his leg and I know its my fault for not paying attention. I thought he was sitting down by my legs playing with his kong. My wife came to the conclusion that Jack sneaked into the bathroom and drank out of the toilet bowel because the seat was wet with water. One of my kids left the door open. But still after all this time of taking him outside to pee and praising him each time shouldn't he be housebroken by now? Obviously we are doing something wrong but what? We have him on a consistent schedule. Jack is 7 months. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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