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Default Iíve given up on trying to rescue a GSD

For over a year now I have surfed the Web trying to find a male GSD or even a nice Mix to adopt. In that timeÖI have had three attempts that ended disappointly and one somewhat bizarre experience. I also talked to a memebr here about rehoming their K-9 but my girlfriend over ruled it because of the distance case it didn't work out.

Recently, I reached out to a expert for some insight and never received a response. That wasÖas the saying goes the straw that broke the camels back since I wanted to privately discuss what had happened and ask was it all normal in the rescue world or was it me.

As soon as I get caught up on my bills (which should be in a couple of month), I'm going to buy another GSD or Mal.

Any feed back on this appericated.
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