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Dark Black and Red Deep Color Puppy Wanted

Hello and this is my first post here to the forums but previous owner of a GSD. I like to first say that I am going to buy another GSD as my first one had to be put down at the age of 12 months with Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). It was an un-pleasent experience and my family is just now getting over this after 8 years. Very hard for a grown man to take your loving puppy to be put a sleep. Very hard.........Some people might wonder why I did this but many know that at the time the medication was a lifetime event for the dog and very expensive. I felt it too much for the dog to put him through all this for his whole life....Enough said.

Well I am looking to replace my last GSD which had a great red pigment to her and plan on naming him the same name "Blitz".....

Can someone help me find a deep red GSD for both companionship and protection? I live here in Huntsville Alabama and willing to pay for shipping.

Thank you everyone.......greg
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