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I am seriously considering buying a peanut (likely will as soon as my pocketbook recovers from vet/physio bills.) How do you like the peanut?

I do some kind of core conditioning/body awareness almost everyday. I really believe that it is hugely beneficial especially for sport dogs. I started doing more rear end awareness with Odin in the last month and I see a VERY noticeable difference in agility. On top of all the exercises you posted in the link we also do sit up (beg), sit to stand/stand to sit with front feet elevated, perch work, lots of jump work (mostly pertains to agility) and having them place back feet on target etc. There is other stuff we work on but just to give you an idea. We also do off leash walks everyday and hike or snowshoe 2-3 times a month for 4-8 hours.

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