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Ears curling back?

Hey guys!

I finally decided to make an account. Jax has been a handful and I've had to learn a lot of stuff which mainly came from this forum. So hopefully it will be even better now that I made an account. Jax is almost 5 months now. His ears when floppy at around 3 1/2 - 4 months old. His ears went back up after about 2 weeks of floppy. They stayed nice and pointy until about a week ago. They are actually starting to curl back. Just the tips of the ears though. We had switched dog foods and he wasn't eating regularly so I am leaning more towards his lack of nutrition as the cause. I finally decided to switch to raw and have been feeding him leg quarters for the past 2 days. Any idea on why his ears would go floppy, straight up, and then start to curl back at the tips?

I can try to get a picture if needed.

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