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The reading I've been doing indicates that B12 deficiency can be a problem from a really young age. He's always been underweight, but not so underweight that the vets have wanted to run bloodwork. He's always been prone to diarrhea (he's almost 10), to the point where I rarely gave any treats at all, and really didn't want to change foods because of the length of time it took for him to adjust. He was fed Nutro Natural large breed adult food til he was about 5, and then Kirkland signature lamb and rice combined with Kirkland signature chicken for the other 4+ years. Now he's on the Nature's Domain Turkey and sweet potato--when he'll deign to eat. I've been mixing it with TOTW canned (pacific is the only one he'll eat of the 2 I've tried--the other is the high plains bison and lamb).

The vet didn't say anything about antibiotics, but I can get Tylan here at the ranch store if you think it would be a good thing. Maybe I'll ask if they'll do a fecal (on the clean up of the diarrhea bout he had tonight) when I go into the vet tomorrow? Do you suppose that would tell us anymore? The accident he had tonight was at least not mostly was slightly more liquid that pudding and was not as stinky as it's been.

THe vet was pretty certain about SIBO...but I can ask tomorrow.

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